ST-5 – European Schuko to UK Adapter




European Schuko to UK Adapter 
EU Europe European 2-Pin to UK 3-Pin Travel Adapter 
Travel Mains Adapter Max 3250W
This travel adapter makes it possible to use European power plugs in English sockets. Schuko plug (normal round 230V plug with earth in the side), or Europlug (narrow 230V plug without earth).

This unit is exclusively a plug-in converter and does not convert the voltage nor frequency, but since all EU devices run on 230V/50Hz, it is not a problem.

EU to UK Adapter, EU Schuko 2 Pin to 3 Pin UK Plug Adapter Travel European Euro to UK Adapter

There’s a safety door the adapter holes preventing accidental insertion of fingers or hand-held metal objects by electric shock, and it can also be dust-proof and prevent electric leakage. With CE certificate, there’s a fuse in this EU to UK plug adapter to ensure the safe use of electrical products. When the circuit is abnormal, it can be cut off to protect your safety.

This Schuko European plug adapter is easy to carry, compact, simple to store, and it’s suitable for travel, international students, oversea business trips. Suitable for small household EU plugged appliances (rice cookers, microwave ovens, soya-bean milk makers, electric kettles, etc.) and digital products with Schuko plugs (laptop, mobile phone, charger, iPad, etc.)

This adapter plug allows you to fit an EU (Schuko) mains plug into a UK 3 pin socket. Simply attach your Schuko plug into the back of the adapter and plug into a UK wall socket or mains block.

● 2 pin Schuko or EU Type Jack to 3 pin UK Type Plug Adapter
● DK/EU to UK travel adapter
● 220~250V AC
● Power: Max 3250W
● Internal fuse installed in the plug: 13A
● Lightweight & compact design, easy to store in your luggage
● Durable tough construction
● Safety shutter
● Color White

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