FTTH-KIT-7 – FTTH Tool Kit (7 items)

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FTTH-KIT-7 – FTTH Tool Kit (7 items)
Fiber Optic FTTH Tool Kit 7pcs
A useful fiber optic FTTH tool kit, complete accessories, easy operation and fine quality. With a bag for convenient carrying and storage. Perfect for fiber optic installation and maintenance.

Its light weight and small size makes it an ideal tool kit for daily use, with high quality tools designed for long life, and includes a carrying case for protection and care.

This is a multi-purpose toolkit for installations and maintenance, it can provide the tools necessary for the assembly of field connectors and it will bring you a higher working efficiency.

● Economical and practical
● Ideal tool for construction operators
● FTTX FTTH rapid connection in the construction of rubber insulated wire stripping
● Fiber cutting, cleaning and testing process

Package Includes:
● Optical Power Meter
● SC adapter connector for power meter
● FC-6S Fiber Cleaver
● Allen Wrench for clever
● Visual Fault Locator – 5km
● Fiber Optic stripper
● FTTH Drop Cable Stripper
● Alcohol Dispensing Pump Bottle
● Cutting Jig – Fixture
● Carrying Bag for the kit

● Alcohol is not included
● Batteries are not included

OPM (Optical Power Meter) Description:
Fiber optic measurement tester OPM Mini Optical Fiber Power Meter


Optical power meter is an accurate & durable portable instrument.

The tester is a fiber engineering meter integrated miniature optical power meter with high precision.

OPM Mini Optical Fiber Power Meter features advanced control technology, high output, ultra low-power operation. It works at up to six wavelengths to measure the input optical power at 1625 nm, 1550 nm, 1490 nm, 1310 nm, 1300 nm, 850 nm. It is widely used in optical communication, optical fiber sensing, optical fiber field testing, factory and research institute measurements and so on.

Fiber optic power meter is a test instrument used for absolute optical fiber power measurement as well as fiber optic loss related measurement. This hand held type fiber optic test equipment features ingenious appearance, wide range of power measurement, high accurate test precision and user automatic self calibration function. Fiber optic power meter is a tool for Telecom and CATV networks.

Additional useful information:
When combined with a light source, the instrument is called an Optical Loss Test Set, or OLTS, typically used to measure optical power and end-to-end optical loss. 

OPM Features:
● High accuracy, low error, large dynamic range
● Mini ergonomic design, one-hand operation, flexible and convenient, ideal for field operation
● Universal interface, support FC/SC/ST (LC needs an adapter interface which is not included)
● The user has self-calibration function, the user can calibrate the optical power meter
● Automatic shutdown time: 10min
● Six calibration wavelengths (nm): 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625
● Large dynamic range -50 to +26dBm
● Support for linear (mw) and non-linear (dB) indicators simultaneously
● Display resolution: linear display: 0.1%, logarithmic display: 0.01dBm
● Uncertainty: ±5%
● Anti-slip soft plastic protective cover
● Dust Cap prevents the fiber connector from pollution

OPM Specifications:
Wavelength range (nm)*1 850~1700
Detector Type InGaAs
Power Measurement Range (dBm)*2 -50~+26
Power Uncertainty (dB)*3 ±0.5
Calibrated Wavelength (nm) 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625
Resolution Linear display: 0.1% Logarithmic display: 0.01 dBm
Connector 2.5mm Universal FC/ SC/ ST

SC Adapter Features:
● SC adapter for optical power meter
● Applicable to SC optical fiber quick connector test
● Attention: First remove the FC adapter of original machine, and then install the SC adapter

FC-6S Optical Fiber Cleaver Description:
Small size and light weight, easy to carry. Precise mechanical tolerances to ensure a clean and smooth operation.

The FC-6S high precision cleaver is designed for field use. By using a rotating blade for multiple scoring positions, it enables a blade life of 36,000 cleaves with a cleave angle better than 0.5 degrees. The unit is constructed to be robust and field serviceable. Integral to the unit is a cleave length scale which helps facilitate exact lengths during cleaving.


FC-6S Optical Fiber Cleave Features:
● High Precision Cleaves
● Durable design
● Replaceable blade
● Simple operation and Easy maintenance
● Applicable fibers: Singlemode or Multimode use
● Prevents Double Scoring of the Fibers
● Fiber Cladding Diameter: 125um
● Cutting angle: 90°±0.5°
● Need to strip length before fiber cutting: fiber cutting length +18mm or more
● Coating Diameter: 250um – 900um
● Provides approximately 36,000 cleaves (3,000 per blade position)
● Cleave Length:
– 9~16mm (Single Fiber-0.25mm Coating)
– 10~16mm (Single Fiber-0.9mm Coating)
● High precision cleaving blade with 12 rotatable cleave spots
● Tungsten steel blade for long service life
● Simplified blade adjustment & replacements
● Small size, lightweight and easy handling
● Carrying case included
● Size: 59W×55D×49H (mm)H site construction, factory production etc.

Hexagon Wrench Features:
● Allen Wrench
● Tool to adjust fiber cleaver

Visual Fault Locator 1mW – 5 km Description:
The Visual Fault Locator is widely used on fiber optic communication and maintenance, fiber sensing research, fiber transmitter setup, fiber product installation etc.


Fiber Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is also known as a Fiber Optic Cable Tester Meter, Red Light Pen Tester, Fiber Network Cable Test Kit or a Fiber Light Source Tester.

Its red light source which uses high quality 650nm semiconductor laser as a light emitting device, through the constant current drive, transmit the red light which power is stable. After connecting with optical interface, the red light can enter into the multimode and single mode fiber, achieve detecting function of optical fiber fault.

This visual fault locator can easily and accurately detect and locate fiber optic breaks, poor connections, bending or cracking. It can operate either in CW or Pulsed mode. VFL will emit a 650nm red light for fiber tracing and locating, breaks or faults will refract the light in the fiber.

Small size and lightweight, pen-type design make it portable, easy to check fiber faults with visual fault locator, design with a stainless steel head and aluminum body to prevent crash and dust, the case ground design prevents ESD damage efficiently.

Visual Fault Locator 1mW – 5 km Features:
● 1mW LD light emitter source
● Pulsed and Continuous Steady operation modes (CW & MOD work mode, Transmitting continuous light or 1Hz modulated light)
● Universal 2.5mm adapter for easy connection to SC, ST, FC connectors (LC needs an adapter interface which is not included)
● Stable output frequency
● 5km long distance detect
● Strong & durable Aviation Aluminum casing
● Pen type design, portable and easy to use
● Quickly illuminate fiber breaks, damaged connectors on patch cords
● Dust Cap prevents the fiber connector from pollution

Fiber Optic Stripper Features:
● New developed precision blade cutter makes micro blade hole possible
● Unlike conventional wire stripper, high carbon alloy steel guarantees longer life with accurate stripping
● Factory preset, no adjustments needed
● For stripping 250 micron buffer coating to expose 125 micron cladded fiber
● Will not scratch or nick glass fiber
● Comfort-grip, ergonomic handles

FTTH Drop Cable Stripper Description:
The green stripper tool: Opening at the top, strips the protective coating of fiber optic pigtail or cable.


Its sharp blade can easily strip the fiber optic pigtail or cable. It does not damage the optical fiber core when stripping the outer cable. The blade is not exposed, not allowing blunt objects from colliding with the blade and causing damage to it. It also prevents the blade from scratching the user. The scale ruler ensures the accurate stripping length. You can choose the stripping length you need. Easy to use, increases working efficiency.

FTTH Drop Cable Stripper Features:
● For stripping fiber optic cable jackets OD 2~3mm
● Can strip cables with 1-2 cores 3.0*2.0mm
● Handle Style: Straight Plier Style, Comfort-grip, ergonomic handles
● Material: Carbon Steel
● Type: Flat Nose
● Compact, rugged design
● Strip length positioning
● Will not scratch or nick glass fiber
● All stripping surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerances to assure clean, smooth strips
● Compact body and light weight, easy operation to carry

Alcohol Dispensing Pump Bottle (no alcohol in bottle) Description:
This Alcohol Dispensing Bottle is used to store alcohol, water and other liquids, fit for field fiber optic application jobs such as fiber cleaning, fusion splicing, field connector preparation, patch cords making/production process like polishing etc.

This empty bottle is an ideal plastic holder for alcohol which is for optical fiber cleaning, you can press the cap to release the alcohol on the paper or swab cotton to cleaning the fiber optic adapter, flange and the bare fiber in FTTH works. Body is made from good plastic, not easy to break. This empty bottle is good for filling alcohol for cleaning work. Press design, one-hand operation. Just place a cotton pad or cleaning wipe on the top and press the center of the lid, then the liquid will be pumped out and absorbed by the cotton or wipe.

Ideal for transporting isopropyl alcohol in a safe way and to perform the process of cleaning fiber optic cables and connectors quickly and efficiently.

Alcohol Dispensing Pump Bottle Features:
● The bottle is resistant to many different solvents
● Twist-Lock pump can be locked with a simple twist making it suitable for travel
● Pump action to dispense alcohol
● Eliminate direct hand contact, spillage, leaks, fumes and waste
● Made of high density polyethylene material
● Attention: Can hold 99.7% alcohol
● Note: Alcohol is not included in the package
● Attention: Can hold 99.7% alcohol
● Alcohol is not included in the kit

Cutting Jig – Fixture Features:


● Optical fiber fixed length tool
● Suitable for cold splicing of fiber optic head
● Set 28, 30, 34mm fiber length
● Can be fixed on the fiber cleaver
● Push-position to fix lengths of cladding and bare fiber
● Fiber Cladding Diameter: 125um
● Buffer Diameter: 250um

Carrying Bag for the kit Features:
● Size: 245*170*95mm
● Suitable for keeping optical fiber tools

FTTH-KIT-7 Applications:
● Telecommunication Network Project and Maintenance
● Comprehensive cable construction system
● Optical instruments research and development
● Optical communication education and lab testing
● Testing Equipment
● Local Ares Network Project
● CATV Project
● CCTV Maintenance
● Audio and Data applications
● Fiber optic field testing





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