OPM-RJ45 – OPM+VFL+RJ45 Tester (Optical Power Meter + Visual Fault Locator + Network Cable Tester)




OPM-RJ45 – OPM+VFL+RJ45 Tester 
Fiber optic measurement tester OPM+VFL Mini Optical Fiber Power Meter, Visual Fault Locator and Network Cable Tester
OPM+VFL+RJ45 Tester Description:
The tester is a RJ45 tester and a fiber engineering meter integrated miniature optical power meter with high precision and visual fault location function.

OPM+VFL+RJ45 Tester Handheld Mini Optical Fiber Power Meter, Visual Fault Locator and Network Cable Tester features advanced control technology, high output, ultra low-power operation. It works at up to nine wavelengths to measure the input optical power at 1625 nm, 1577 nm, 1550 nm, 1490 nm, 1310 nm, 1300 nm, 1270 nm, 980 nm, 850 nm. It can export a modulation frequency CW 2Hz.

Handheld optical power meter, red-light integrated machine series products are mainly used for continuous optical signal power measurement, optical fiber link loss testing and optical fiber line on-off testing. It is controlled by a single chip microprocessor with complete functions. Widely used in optical cable construction and maintenance, optical fiber communication, optical cable sensing, optical fiber field testing, factory and research institute measurements, optical CATV and other fields. The fuselage design meets the requirements of human body function and adopts advanced thermo-plastic moulding technology, which is beautiful and durable. The red-light integrator of optical power meter can be well protected by using embedded detectors and lasers. The machine has compact shape, automatic shutdown function, three red light modes, backlight display, wavelength memory function, optical fiber work identification, support user calibration, wide test range, support lighting.

It is a very quick and simple to use instrument.

OPM+VFL+RJ45 Tester

OPM (Optical Power Meter) Description:
Fiber optic power meter is a test instrument used for absolute optical fiber power measurement as well as fiber optic loss related measurement. This hand held type fiber optic test equipment features ingenious appearance, wide range of power measurement, high accurate test precision and user automatic self calibration function. Fiber optic power meter is a tool for Telecom and CATV networks.

Additional useful information:
When combined with a light source, the instrument is called an Optical Loss Test Set, or OLTS, typically used to measure optical power and end-to-end optical loss. 

OPM Features:
● High accuracy, low error, large dynamic range -50 to +26dBm
● Mini ergonomic design, one-hand operation, flexible and convenient, ideal for field operation
● LED Flashlight turn on/off, for work in darkness
● LED Display with Backlight control, low power function display
● Universal interface, support FC/SC/ST (LC needs an adapter interface which is not included)
● The user has self-calibration function, the user can calibrate the optical power meter
● With wavelength memory function, boot will display the last shutdown wavelength set
● Automatic shutdown function, 10 minutes without operation
● Nine calibration wavelengths
● Power measurements in dBm and loss in dB
● dBm (non-linear), dB and mW (linear) display values
● Dust Cap prevents the fiber connector from pollution
● Low battery indication
● Micro-USB jack for powering the meter from external power supply, PC, portable power bank, etc
● Optional: Micro-USB Power Supply

VFL Description:
The Visual Fault Locator is widely used on fiber optic communication and maintenance, fiber sensing research, fiber transmitter setup, fiber product installation etc.

Fiber Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is also known as a Fiber Optic Cable Tester Meter, Red Light Pen Tester, Fiber Network Cable Test Kit or a Fiber Light Source Tester.

Its red light source which uses high quality 650nm semiconductor laser as a light emitting device, through the constant current drive, transmit the red light which power is stable. After connecting with optical interface, the red light can enter into the multimode and single mode fiber, achieve detecting function of optical fiber fault.

This visual fault locator can easily and accurately detect and locate fiber optic breaks, poor connections, bending or cracking. It can operate either in CW or Pulsed mode. VFL will emit a 650nm red light for fiber tracing and locating, breaks or faults will refract the light in the fiber.

VFL Features:
● LD Red light emitter source 10mW/650nm
● Pulsed and Continuous Steady operation modes (CW & MOD work mode, Transmitting continuous light or 2Hz modulated light)
● Universal 2.5mm adapter for easy connection to SC, ST, FC, LC connectors (LC needs an adapter interface which is not included)
● 0dBm output power, compatible with single-mode and multi-mode fibers
● Stable output frequency
● Quickly illuminate fiber breaks, damaged connectors on patch cords
● Dust Cap prevents the fiber connector from pollution

RJ45 Tester Description:
The tester is designed to test the correctness of cables terminating in plugs RJ-45. It consists of two parts, the remote and the master (meter). To test a cable, the master tester must be connected to the one plug of the cable and the remote tester to the other one.

The tester tests the condition of each electrical connection and lights an LED when the connection is good. If you are testing a CAT5 or CAT6 network cable terminated with a RJ45 modular connector, then you connect one end of the wire to the master unit and the other end to the remote unit. When an LED fails to light, it indicates a fault with the pin connection associated with it. If however, the wrong LED lights, then that is a short circuit fault.

RJ45 Tester Features:
● RJ45 sequence & RJ45 tracker function
● Supports RJ45 testing (RJ45 jack on the meter + RJ45 jack on Network Test Remote)
● Lan cable continuity testing
● Stable performance: Test the cable to find problematic short circuit, open wire, cross wire pairs and other wiring faults to keep the network running smoothly
● Detachable main/remote unit for testing connectors in different locations
● Handheld and portable: easy to use

OPM+VFL+RJ45 Tester Applications:
● Fiber optic CATV projects
● Fiber optic communication projects
● Fiber optic sensors research
● Fiber optic device manufacturing
● Fiber optic field testing
● Lan cable continuity testing

Wavelength range (nm)*1 800~1700
Detector Type InGaAs
Power Measurement Range (dBm)*2 -50~+26
Power Uncertainty (dB)*3 ±0.5
Calibrated Wavelength (nm) 850/980/1270/1300/1310/1490/1550/1577/1625
Resolution Linear display: 0.1% Logarithmic display: 0.01 dBm
Connector 2.5mm Universal FC/SC/ST
Red light Output Power (mW) >10
Transmission distance (km) 15
Operating frequency modes (Hz) CW 0/2Hz
Wavelength (nm) 650
Connector 2.5mm Universal FC/SC/ST
Operating Temperature (ºC) -10~+60
Storage Temperature (ºC) -25~+70
RJ45 Tester
Connector port RJ45 jack on the meter + RJ45 jack on Network Test Remote
Network Test Remote
Auto-off Time 10 min
Battery Life (h) ≥48
Power Supply 2pcs 1.5v AAA batteries, not included (Option: micro USB power supply 3~6V)
Dimensions 115x68x30mm




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