900180 – Isolated BNC Female to Female Loaded Patch Panel, 32-Port, 2U, 19”



Isolated BNC Female to Female Loaded Patch Panel, 32-Port, 2U, 19”
This high-quality Isolated BNC termination panel is intended for 12G 4K UHD (2160P60), 3G and 1.5G high definition, standard definition and analogue video applications. Suitable for composite and component video, 270 Mb/s SDI, uncompressed 1080i or 1080p HD-SDI video and 4K UHD (2160P60) video up to 12GHz.

Manufactured from steel, the panels are fully-populated with double-sided, ‘Ultra High Definition’, 12G sockets, equally spaced across the panel.

Isolate BNC Coaxial Patch Panels are great for setting up a video distribution network. Often used in restaurants and bars, and similar establishments, coaxial patch panels will allow you to distribute multiple video signals from their source to the select output device. Made from powder coated steel this Isolated BNC Coaxial Patch Panel will ensure your video signals are running to their full potential. Each port is numbered making sure you are able to quickly identify which port requires your attention. All Isolated BNC Coaxial Patch Panels come Fully Loaded and ready to be mounted in your distribution cabinet. The 32 Port Fully Loaded Isolated BNC Coaxial Patch Panel is a great solution when setting up any type of coaxial distribution network.

Isolated panels prevent crosstalk and interference between the grounds and isolates the signal.

● Rackmount patch panel 2U 32-port BNC female to female 19 inch 50 ohm
● Copper with Nickel Plated BNC In line threaded Connector Jacks, 3GHz for Coax signals
● Isolated BNC Couplers
● Bi-Directional Signal Conversion
● Made of Black powder coated steel construction
● Numerical legends below each port allows for quick identification of ports
● Provides a clean and neat appearance for installation
● Easy to install

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