180450 – Passive USB 2.0 Balun pair



Passive USB 2.0 Balun pair (e.g. can be used for mouse, 45m)
Used in pairs, the USB RJ45 Extension adapter allows the transmission of USB data and power via cost-effective Unshielded Twisted Paired (UTP) cable such as CAT5e and CAT6 compared to using bulky and more expensive cable.

The flexible USB pigtail allows an easier and quicker connection to a DVR and mouse without the need of additional USB cables.

No external power is required, one pair USB Balun included.

● Passive USB 2.0 Balun with Pigtail (source Balun with male USB plug, extender Balun with female USB plug)
● Up to 45m Transmission Distance
● Control your DVR remotely in your home or office via your mouse
● Applications are for extending all USB 2.0 peripheral devices, such as USB camera, printer, scanner, USB Ethernet/VGA/HDMI adapter, mass storage device, keyboard, mouse, etc
● USB over UTP CAT5e/CAT6 Cable
● Plug and play for easy operation
● Supports USB 2.0 and USB 1.1
● Passive, no external power required
● RJ45 Terminals
● 1 Pair Included

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