Wireless 433.92 MHz IR Remote Extender to extend the signal of your remote control through walls and ceilings




PowerMid Premium, Extend the signal of your remote control through walls and ceilings

This kit allows you to control remotely any A/V distant appliance, TV, VCR, Hi-Fi, satellite and cable box, just by using your existing remote control!
The remote control signal is transmitted through walls and ceilings, up to 100 meters away (open field, about 30 meters through walls and ceilings).

The ebode proprietary eIR2xTM (pronounce Irex) Technology guarantees a high level of immunity for infrared noise of direct sunlight, CFL lighting and Flat Panel TV’s (including Plasma, LCD and LED). Provides accurate reproduction of the latest generation Infrared codes that are used in remote controls of, for instance, set-top boxes and media players (incl. RC5/6, RCMM, XMP).

Set Content
• 1x Transmitter: converts IR signals of remote controls into 433.92 MHz RF messages and transmits them to the Receiver, even through walls and ceilings
• 1x Receiver: converts RF messages back into IR signals to control the selected A/V source
• 2x Mains power supply wall adapters 230V~50Hz to 9VDC 200mA

Technical data
• Power: SMPS AC/DC adapter 100-240V~50Hz – 12VDC 200mA (UK)
• Frequency Band: 433.92 MHz
• RF Output Power: 1mW typical @3m
• Operating Range: 100m* (open field). 15-30m* (in building) *depending on environmental conditions
• Dimensions: 56 x 40 x 25 mm
• 25 mm is height without antenna, height including antenna is 50 mm.

• ST28UK
Extra Transmitter for PowerMid Premium (PM28UK)
Add EXTRA ST28 Transmitters to use your remote controls in several rooms






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