HD2VGA – MINI HDMI to VGA+Audio(R/L) Converter



MINI HDMI to VGA+Audio(R/L) Converter
Converter HDMI Female input to VGA Female + Audio stereo 3.5mm jack output

The mini HD2VGA converter allows HDMI signal to be converted easily to VGA+R/L signal.

● Mini Size Converter
● Portable, flexible, plug and play
● HDMI input signal convert to TMDS signal which supports VGA+R/L analog signal
● Video/Audio Input: 1 x HDMI female, support up to 1920×1200
● Video Output: 1 x VGA female (analog VGA 15-pin jack)
● Audio Output: 1 x Audio jack port 3.5mm R/L (analog)
● LED indication: signal source is working or the Micro USB is powered, the LED lights up
● Support input up to 10 meters– AWG26 HDMI cable
● No loss of quality
● Power port: 1 x Mini USB power port female (1x charging cable USB to mini-USB for 5V DC, included)
● No need to install drivers
● Low power

● VGA Output: Support SXGA/SGA/UGA (60Hz)
● Audio Output: 3.5mm R/L (analog)
● HDMI Input resolution: Support up to 1920×1200/60Hz
● Max bandwidth: 150Mhz
● Max baud rate: 1.5Gbps
● Input cable distance: ≤10m AWG26 HDMI standard cable
● Input Video signal: 0.5~1.5Volts p-p
● Input DDC signal: 5Volts p-p (TTL)
● Max working current: 252mA
● Power adapter format: DC5V/300mA
● Operating Temperature range: (-15 to +55°C)
● Operating Humidity range: 5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)
● Dimension (L x W x H): 63x56x15 (mm)
● Weight: 33g

Set Contents:
● HDMI to VGA converter
● Micro USB cable
● User Manual


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