SCAPC-12DPG – Distribution pigtails: 12cores SC/APC 9/125 SM pigtails

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Distribution pigtails: 12cores SC/APC 9/125 SM pigtails, G.652D with Aramid Yarn, 6.0mm OD PVC LSZH yellow color outer jacket, 1.5m
Indoor 12cores, 12colors SC/APC Singlemode Fiber Optic Pigtail Cable

Fiber optic pigtails provide a fast way to make communication devices in the field. They are designed, manufactured and tested according to protocol and performance dictated by the industrial standards, which will meet your most stringent mechanical and performance specifications.

12 core colorful SC pigtails. The colors of the pigtails are Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Gray, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Aqua. With their High-Quality ceramic ferrules, it has great conformity and low Insertion Loss.

For a low smoke emission in case of fire, this Patch Cord is equipped with a flame-resistant outer jacket, halogen-free LSZH jacket. G.652D SC fiber optic Pigtail Cords are suitable for the connection of patch panel ports and connection of optical transceivers.

● SC/APC Connector
● 12cores Singlemode with black rubber boot
● Color Coded Cores for Rapid Fiber Management
● Singlemode 9/125 G.652D
● Single Mode Indoor Low Loss Fiber
● Low insertion loss and high return loss
● Good repeatability & interchangeability
● Suitable for high-speed, high-capacity optical fiber transmission system
● High quality zirconia ferrules
● Fiber pigtails support Field Connector installations, Ø0.9mm
● PVC LSZH (Flame-retardant) yellow color outer jacket
● Outer jacket diameter 6.0mm
● High-precision Components Guarantee Reliable Transmission
● Guarantees stable and fast network transmission
● Length: 1.5m

● Building interconnections (campus LAN)
● Connector end in optical distribution boxes and termination boxes
● Trunk lines direct to telecommunications cabinet
● Cross-connect in outdoor termination box
● Distribution connection in central office ODF (optical distribution frame)
● Fiber patch panels within communications frames
● Links between internet electronic equipment (SFP module, switch, OLT, ONU etc.), Cable TV optical equipment (Transmitter, EDFA, Node, etc.) and fiber patch panels

Physical Characteristics:
● Fiber Count: 12core 9/125 (um)
● Fiber Type: G.652D, SM
● Connectors: 12x SC
● Polish Type: APC
● Core Colors: 12 different colors
● Cable Jacket: LSZH
● Outer Jacket Color: Yellow
● Cable Diameter: 6mm
● Plug times: ≥1000
● Length: 1.5m

Optical Characteristics:
● Singlemode fiber
● Insertion Loss (dB): ≤0.2
● Return Loss (dB): APC>60
● Wavelength (nm): 1310/1550
● Repeatability (dB): ≤0.1
● Changeability (dB): ≤0.2
● Durability (1000 Mating) (dB): ≤0.2
● Operating Temperature: -40°C to 80°C
● Storage Temperature: -50°C to 85°C






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