490402 – Fiber Optic and Electrician Scissor

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490402 – Fiber Optic and Electrician Scissor
6″ Professional Electrician Scissors, 4034 High-carbon stainless steel for Fiber Optic and Aluminum Copper Soft Cables (Turquoise color) 

Ergonomic Kevlar Scissor for Fiber Optic Cables with Aramid Yarn.

High precision scissors that allow two functions: cutting the Kevlar fiber/Aramid yarn and cutting the fiber optic cable itself.

The fiber optic Kevlar cutting scissors are an important tool in fiber optic splicing and other fiber optic cable cutting applications. The Kevlar cutting scissors are made of high quality stainless steel.

Single edge oblique tooth (micro-serrated) provides cutting and stripping of fiber cable without sliding shift ensuring the smoothness of cutting.

Ergonomic, comfort grip designed to cut through tough Kevlar® strength fibers.

Molded pouch with belt loop keeps the tool safely on hand.

Whole Steel Frame
Professional scissors with special whole steel frame for high resistance and durable life.

Multipurpose Scissors
Professional electrician scissors 6″ are suitable for cutting leather wire, network cable, telephone wire, wire netting, aluminum-ware and aluminum foil, for home, outdoor, or industrial use.

Sharp Serrated Edge
High hardness blades and an anti-slip serration edge for making precise cuts.
Suitable for cutting soft wire or cable up to 0 (1/0) AWG, Diameter 8.5mm (0.3249i n), Cross-sectional area 50mm².

Ergonomically-Designed Handles
Light and strong handles are made from impact-resistant plastic material, embedded with TPR anti-slip ridges.

Carry Pouch Material
Plastic cover with a belt clip.

Wire Stripper and Crimping Terminal
The functions of wire stripper between handles are 1.5mm² / 2.5mm².
The function of crimping between handles is to crimp terminal on 2.5mm2 cable.

● Professional scissors with a special whole stainless steel frame for high resistance and durable life
● Ideal for cutting Kevlar® strength members found in fiber optic cable construction
● One micro-serrated blade reduces slippage for making precise cuts
● Sharp blades made from 4034 High-carbon stainless steel for high resistance, anti-rust and anti-corrosion and durable life
● Ergonomic, impact-resistant plastic material designed with embedded anti-slip ridges TPR, dual color molded handles (Black/Turquoise), non-slip provide comfort for both right and left handed users
● Between the handles are two wire strippers for 1.5mm2 and  2.5mm2. There is also a Crimping cable terminal
● Small, practical and lightweight design
● Lightweight and practical

● Ideal for Electricians, with its 6″ sharp heavy duty wire shears,  stainless steel serrated notch blade, ability to crimp Aluminium/ Copper cable lines and strip Fiber Optic cables. Included with these scissors is a Belt Clip to store and carry these scissors easily and safely.
● Used in telecommunications, CATV, integrated wiring construction and maintenance.
● Used to cut the aramid yarn in fiber pigtails.






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