OPBB00001 – OLS (Optical Light Source)




OPBB00001 – OLS (Optical Light Source)
Mini Optical Light Source with LED flashlight
Mini Optical Light Source aims at fiber network installations, fiber network engineering acceptance and fiber network maintenance. Using a handheld optical power meter offers a quick and accurate testing solution on SM fibers.

Optical Light Source is characterized by stable output optical power, wavelength and spectral width with a small range of stable changes. While the appearance is upgraded, LED lighting is added. 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths output, mainly used for FTTX network and fiber testing. It works with optical power meter, used to measure optical power and end-to-end optical loss.

Ergonomic design allows you to operate this optical power meter with one hand, so it’s easy to operate and easy to carry.

This OPBB00001 – OLS instrument has 2 optional wavelengths, 1310nm and 1550nm, providing excellent stability for singlemode wavelengths.

Detachable anti drop silicone sheath protects the machine and reduces damage caused by collisions and drops.

Equipped with a backlight display function and LED flashlight, allowing the equipment to work normally in the dark, improving work efficiency.

It is widely used in optical communication, optical fiber sensing, optical fiber field testing, factory and research institute measurements and so on.

Additional useful information:
When combined with an OPM (Optical Power Meter) , the instrument is called an Optical Loss Test Set, or OLTS, typically used to measure optical power and end-to-end optical loss. 

● Singlemode FTTx Handheld Optic Fiber Light Source test tool with SC+FC connector
● Mini ergonomic design, one-hand operation, flexible and convenient, ideal for field operation
● Universal interface with silica gel dust cap, 2.5mm adapter, for easy connection to SC (extra adapter included), FC, ST /PC (LC needs an adapter interface which is not included)
● Interchangeable connectors
● Wavelength: 1310/1550 nm
● Modulated carrier frequencies: CW/270Hz/1000Hz/2000Hz
● Typical output power: ≥-5dB
● Durable and reliable design
● Detachable Silicone dust protection cover, shock-proof, drop-proof (2m)
● Water-resistant buttons
● LED Flashlight turn on/off
● LED Display with Backlight control, low power function display
● Stand Bracket
● Power: press to start, long press to turn off

● Fiber broadband access network, FTTH fiber into the home
● Suitable for multi type module installations, application in the work area routing subsystem
● Telecommunication Networks and Maintenance
● CATV Networks and Maintenance
● Data Communications Networks
● Local Area Networks
● FTTD (fiber to the desktop)
● Fiber Optic lab testing

● Wavelength: 1310/1550nm
● Typical output power: ≥-5dB
● Output Stability: ±0.05dB/15mins; ±0.1dB/8hours
● Modulation Frequencies: CW, 270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz
● Connector: 2.5mm universal FC/ST + SC Adapter
● Power Supply: Alkaline Battery (2 x AAA 1.5V, Not Included)
● Material: ABS + Silicone
● Accuracy: ±0.2 (dB)
● Working Temperature: -10 ~ +60℃
● Storage Temperature: -25 ~ +70℃
● Automatic Shutdown Time: 10min
● Battery Working Time: 20h


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