BR-CM-02 – Cable Management with 24pcs slots, 1U, 19″



Rack and Cabinet Horizontal Cable Management (two hole) solution with Cover
Within most cabinets a degree of cable management is required to ensure a degree of tidiness. Most commonly this is provided through the use of cable rings/slots that attach to the 19″ front and back mounting posts.

Horizontal cable managers are ideal for coax, fiber, copper wiring, patch cords, and other various needs. Your cables should be protected and organized. When working with a lot of complicated cables, you are bound to have excess. The horizontal cable manager ensures that they are kept neat and safely out of harm’s way.

Cable Management, if done incorrectly, can be a real issue for network managers. Having cables thrown around will make your work a giant headache, and not to mention it can damage the wires and cause other hazards. When installing servers and network equipment a little extra time in the planning stage can pay off if and when any issue arises. This cable management product is universal and will work in almost any server rack or cabinet on the market. 24 slot Horizontal Cable Management bars can be used to manage cables from patch panels or other network equipment.

Key Feature:
● Cable management solution for 19″ rack cabinets
● High quality 1U Horizontal Cable Tidies – Flat Bar Type
● Made of Black powder coated steel
● Horizontal fixing across the racks
● Manage your horizontal cable runs
● 1U, Fixed to front or back of rack
● 2pcs rear vents allow easy access to cables
● The panel is configured with 24 slots
● Light weight, easy to install or remove
● Cable management meet ISO9001, RoHS, CE, UL, ETL standard






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