560800 – N Plug Crimp connector for LMR400 cable



560800 – N Plug Crimp connector for LMR400 cable
This N type crmp connector is designed to connect antennas with LMR400 cables etc. It has a center pin connected to the outer cable shield. A rotating ring outside the tube, that locks the cable to any female N connector.

N connectors are used in a variety of RF applications, including instrumentation, mobile base stations, radar, cell amplifiers, 3G/4G/5G/LTE/ADS-B/Ham/GPS/WiFi/RF Radio to Antenna, and more. Create your own custom length of (coaxial) cable with this N-Male connector.

Due to the N type connectors having a wide performance band, they have become the go to choice for most high quality antenna setups.

● In-line N Male design connector for LMR400 coaxial cable ~10.25mm outer diameter
● For Cable: LMR400  and equivalent Coaxial Cable, dia. 10+mm cable
● Made with nickel-plated brass and a gold-plated brass pin for a reliable signal every time
● N Male Crimp-LMR400
● RF Connector Body Style: Straight
● Impedance: 50 ohms
● Body: Nickel Plated Brass
● Contact: Gold Plated Brass
● Dielectric: PTFE
● Requires a specialist coaxial crimp tool for assembly


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