F745 – FTP CAT6A & CAT7 RJ45 Connector 8P8C Shielded



Shielded Western 8/8-plug (8P8C/RJ45) 8 contacts for Cat6A & CAT7 cable
These RJ45 connectors are designed to work specifically with CAT6A, and CAT7 cable. These RJ45 connectors are 50u gold plated and work with solid and stranded cable. They have 8 pins and 8 conductors (8p8c). The inserts are also included—they’re part of the design. The wire alignment insert provides an efficient cable assembly. Over time this will save time and money on any job.

Also featured on this RJ45 connector is a slim strain relief and shielding. The slim strain relief prevents snag tears and maintains the quality of the cable. Shielding your network prevents signal loss and electromagnetic interference.

● 8P8C/RJ45 – used in Network Wiring
● Shielded with strain relief
● Significantly decreases crosstalk
● Hi-Lo Stagger Design
● Alignment insert included
● 10 GBASE-T transmission performance
● 50u gold plated pins


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