10dB-90dBμV Distribution Amplifier 2 Inputs – 8 Outputs, Infra Red Magic Eye compatible



Distribution Amplifier with multiband inputs compatible with Infra Red Magic Eye and 9V power to all outputs
2 inputs allows the distribution of Terrestrial aerial, FM/VHF aerial, DAB Digital Radio aerial and Modulator signals to each of it’s outputs at the same time.
Suitable for direct amplification of digital terrestrial TV signals and the UHF input can be connected directly to a UHF antenna. When connected directly to a UHF aerial a built in filter removes any signals from Lte 800 4G mobile phone transmitters picked up by the attached aerial which could cause interference and channel loss to your terrestrial reception.
Separate inputs are provided for UHF TV (470-790 MHz) and for FM/DAB/VHF (47-230 MHz).

This fully screened TV and FM/DAB amplifier with Return Path is fully compatible with Infra Red Magic Eye remote Control systems. This makes it great for use with sources, where the output from an RF modulator can be distributed to several rooms with the capability for full remote control of the source in these rooms. The addition of a number of Infra Red Magic Eyes, such as the Technomate TM-LINK, in the relevant rooms completes the installation. Please note that rooms without a Magic Eye will still be able to view the output of the source but will not have any control over the box.
All amplifier outputs are line powered at 9V DC to supply remote infra-red receivers. The line power at any output(s) can be short-circuited safely without affecting the operation of any other output(s).

Can be used as a standard distribution amplifier.
Fully compatible with analogue and digital input signals.
Improves your TV picture especially in poor reception areas.
Remote capability is provided over a 5-15 MHz RF return path.
Return path (RF return gain): 9V DC at 15mA max. per outlet, short-circuit protection.
All the connections on the amplifier are F connections and is designed with professional installers in mind.

• 2 Inputs, 8 Outputs
• Bypass – IR Return
• Compatible with Infra Red Magic Eyes
• LTE Protected
• FM/DAB/VHF: 47-230 MHz
• UHF: 470-790 MHz
• Noise: <3.8dB
• Output Level: 90dBμV
• Gain: 10dB
• Isolation between Outputs: 22dB
• Return Path Frequency: 5-25MHz
• Short Circuit Protection on each output
• Power on LED
• Screened Housing
• F-Connectors
• Free standing or wall mountable
• 9VDC/15mA on Outputs
• Mains Powered: AC 110/230V, UK type power plug
• Indoor use only






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