High Power Dual Band (terrestrial TV 24dB-115dBμV and SAT IF 31dB-120dBμV) line amplifier



HSA100 is a dual band (terrestrial TV and SAT IF) amplifier. It is therefore a universal device for strengthening terrestrial, cable, and satellite signals. Since the frequency range of the amplifier encompasses 47-862 MHz and 950-2400 MHz bands, it is an ideal device for any multiswitch system where the cable connecting a multiswitch output with an end outlet is very long.

An additional advantage of the device in installations with long cable runs is cable attenuation compensation. The maximum gain is 31 dB for the SAT IF band and 24 dB for the TV band. The actual gain can be smoothly adjusted (-10 dB and -18 dB respectively). The maximum output level for the SAT IF is 120 dBuV (EN50083-3), and for the TV band is 115 dBuV (DIN45004B). This enables the use of this amplifier both in small installations, and large SMATV systems.

Technical Specifications:
• Splitband amplifier for amplification signals of SAT and terrestrial TV bands
• Suitable for signals combining of SAT and terrestrial TV bands
• Possibility of DC feeding for LNBs from external power supply
• Possibility of DC and DiSEqC signals pass
• Built-in separate gain & slope regulators for every band
• Die-cast housing
• SAT IF amplifier with active/passive terrestrial TV path, switchable

Frequency range:
• SAT IF: 950- 2400 MHz
• Terr. TV: 47-862 MHz

• Gain SAT IF: 23-31 dB (pre-correction)
• Gain Terr. TV: 21-24 dB (pre-correction)/-4 dB switchable
• Gain adjustment SAT IF: 10 dB
• Gain adjustment Terr. TV: 18 dB
• Slope adjustment SAT IF: 14/8 dB switchable
• Slope adjustment Terr. TV: 18dB
• Maximal output level IMD3=35 dB (EN50083-3) SAT IF 120 dBμV (2 equal carriers)
• Maximal output level IMD3=60 dB (DIN45004B) Terr. TV 115 dBμV






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