Twin filter ultra selective TV channel amplifier tunable in all UHF range in a robust die-cast housing



Multichannel headend UHF TV channel amplifier

at420 is a double highly selective tunable amplifier capable of filtering, amplifying and equalizing antenna signals in the whole UHF band, in analog or digital (DVB-T) mode. The output channels/multiplexes can then be distributed in large MATV systems – in multifamily buildings, hotels, public buildings, etc. Its high modulation error rate (MER), not lower than 36 dB, provides an excellent reception of digital terrestrial TV broadcasts even in very extensive systems.

Each of the two independent paths can amplify one DVB-T multiplex or analog TV channel. It means that one module can amplify two digital multiplexes. The paths are equipped with automatic gain control (AGC) and ultra selective SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters.

The device is digitally adjustable with three buttons located on the front panel. Thanks to exceptional flexibility and AGC, the device is perfect for the transitional period when broadcasters often change the frequency and power of DVB-T multiplexes.

The automatic gain control ensures:
automatic equalization of signal levels – for input levels within 50-80 dBuV range for digital multiplexes and 60-85 dBuV range for analog channels – to 80 dBuV (DVB-T) and 85 dBuV (analog TV). This function eliminates the need of manual adjustments of signal levels at the installation and maintenance stages
automatic gain adjustment in the case of changes of transmitter parameters

Technical Specifications:
• Twin TV channel amplifier tunable in all UHF range
• SAW filters provide a high selectivity processing of digital and analog channels
• Each section has a built-in AGC system and an independent regulator of output level
• Output signal level indication allows to accelerate the search of fault
• Digital indication setting of output level
• Built-in indicators and push buttons allow operatively to set required parameters
• DIN rail or wall mounting
• Robust die-cast housing
• Connectors: 4xRF – type F, screw terminal block for DC entry

• Tuning range of channels: 470-862 MHz (21-69 ch.)

• RF input analog, level/impedance: 60-85 dBμV/75 Ω
• RF input digital, level/impedance: 50-80 dBμV/75 Ω
• RF input, frequency range of RF distribution: 47-862 MHz

• RF output analog, level/ impedance: 90 dBμV/75 Ω
• RF output digital, level/ impedance: 85 dBμV/75 Ω
• RF output, frequency range of RF combining: 5-2150 MHz
• RF output, DC pass through: 0.3 A
• RF output, combining through loss Terr/SAT: 1.5/2.5 dB
• RF output, level adjustment range: 0 ÷ -10 dB by 1 dB step

• AGC dynamic range: 35 dB
• Noise figure: 8 dB
• Rejection: 40 dB ±2 MHz; 40 dB ±1.25 MHz from channel border
• Current consumption: 12V – 0.45A






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