HDMI input encoder – modulator to DVB-T (MPEG4)



Agile HD DVB-T TV modulator
● Stand alone modulator HDMI to DVB-T modulator.
● Modulating from HDMI source into COFDM modulated DVB-T RF channel.

The MHD001P is a high quality DVB-T “Home” modulator which accepts one HDMI signal and converts it into one RF DVB-T H.264 channel on its output. The excellent picture (Full HD 1920*1080-30p) and modulation quality (MER~32 dB) renders the MHD001P the ideal solution for distributing HD TV signals coming from e.g. a STB or CCTV in a CATV network using the DVB-T technology.

If you already have a Standard Definition RF distribution system but your source device is in High-Definition, just swap your existing RF modulator to this and watch in High-Definition 1080p Full HD on a DVB-T compatible TV. The cabling is exactly the same. *please note, TV must be 1080p Full HD or 4K UHD (HD Ready models are not compatible).

Main Features:
● Frequency agile digital TV modulator
● High quality and performance HDMI – DVB-T stand-alone modulator
● LED display and push buttons control of internal microprocessor
● RF loop through input
● Die-cast housing inside plastic case
● Very friendly user interface for quick installation
● RF output level 90 dBμV
● Adjustable RF output level
● Wall mounting
● External power supply
● Digital input – HDMI
● RF input/output – type F
● DC entry – 3.5/1.3 mm DC jack (reducer 5.5/2.1 mm included)

Technical Features:
Video input input signal type HDMI
video coding MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Baseline profile 4.0
Audio input input signal type MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC
audio coding MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Output resolution up to 1920x1080x30p
Transport stream processing automatic generation PAT, SDT, PMTs tables
RF output DVB standard DVB-T
frequency range 174 – 230 MHz, 470-862 MHz
MER, typical 32 Db
modulation QAM64
channel bandwidth 7 MHz/ 8 MHz
shoulder attenuation > 36 dB
level/impedance 90 dBμV/75 Ω
output level adjustment 0 ~ -30 dB by 1 dB step
loop through frequency range/loss 45-862 MHz / ≤ 2.5 dB
Power consumption 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz 4 W
Operating temperature 0° C ~ +40° C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 133x63x39 mm/0.34 kg
Default Settings:
1. Output channel 21
2. Protection from unauthorized access OFF (Preset oF)
3. Service name MHD001 CH_21 (Preset 00)
4. Output signal attenuator 15 dB (Preset I5)
5. Output signal ON (Preset on)
6. Region Europe (Preset EU)
NOTE: Do not connect TV antennas to modulator RF IN connector directly. If you intend to combine TV signals of antennas and the modulator, plug in booster with output-to-input isolation ≥20 dB between antenna output and RF IN connector.
Package Contents:
1. Encoder-modulator
2. DC power supply adapter/reducer from 5.5/2.1 mm to 3.5/1.3 mm
3. Load 75 Ω, type F
4. External mains power supply +12V 1A max. (Model: SYS1381-1212-W2E)
5. User manual





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