LCAPC-PT35 – Fiber Optic Patch Cord SM SX LC/APC, Length 35m

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Fiber Optic Patch Cord SM SX LC/APC, Length 35m
Indoor Fiber Optic Patch Cord Singlemode Simplex LC/APC-LC/APC 9/125 G657a2 with Aramid Yarn, 2mm OD, PVC LSZH yellow color Outer Jacket
Fiber optic patch cord provides a fast way to make communication devices in the field. They are designed, manufactured and tested according to protocol and performance dictated by the industrial standards, which will meet your most stringent mechanical and performance specifications.

The term fiber optic ‘patch cord’ is also referred to as a Jumper, Jumper cable, Lead, Assembly, Cable, Patch cable and more. They traditionally refer to a length of fiber optic cable which has been terminated at both ends with fiber optic connectors. Their aim is to lose as little light as possible, measured as a decibel (dB) loss or attenuation.

This singlemode 9/125µm fiber optic patch cable is terminated with LC connectors with APC polish. The snap-in connectors are typically used for high-density connections and are compatible with plug-and-play devices such as SFP modules.

For a low smoke emission in case of fire, this Patch Cord is equipped with a flame-resistant, halogen-free LSZH jacket. G.657.A2 LC-LC fiber optic Patch Cords are suitable for the connection of patch panel ports and connection of optical transceivers.

● LC connectors
● Polished ceramic end-face APC
● Singlemode Simplex 9/125 OS-2 Patch Cable
● Singlemode Indoor Low Loss Fiber according to ITU-T G.657A2, EN 50173-1 OS2, 9/125 OS-2
● 10mm minimum Bending Radius, provide improved flexibility for limited space setups
● Tight buffer with easy strip of 100mm
● Strength members: Aramid Yarns
● PVC LSZH (Flame-retardant) yellow color outer jacket
● Outer jacket diameter 2mm
● High quality zirconia ferrules
● Good repeatability and interchangeability
● Low insertion loss
● High return loss
● Perfect solution for installs that require extra protection
● Factory terminated and tested for insertion loss, return loss and end face
● High-precision Components Guarantee Reliable Transmission
● Guarantees stable and fast network transmission
● Length: 35m

Fiber Optic Patch Cord SM SX LC/APC

Physical Characteristics:
● Fiber Count: Simplex 9/125μm
● Fiber Grade: G.657.A2
● Connector A: LC
● Polished Type ceramic end-face A: APC
● Connector B: LC
● Polished Type ceramic end-face B: APC
● Minimum Bend Radius: 10mm
● Plug times: ≥1000
● Strength members: Aramid Yarns
● Cable Diameter: 2mm
● Cable Jacket: PVC LSZH (indoor use)
● Jacket Color: Yellow
● Length: 35m

Optical Characteristics:
● Singlemode fiber
● Insertion Loss (dB): ≤0.3
● Return Loss (dB): APC ≥60
● Wavelength (nm): 1310/1550
● Repeatability (dB): ≤0.1
● Interchangeability (dB): ≤0.2
● Operating Temperature: -40°C to 75°C
● Storage Temperature: -45°C to 85°C

● Building interconnections (campus LAN)
● Connector end in optical distribution boxes and termination boxes
● Trunk lines direct to telecommunications cabinet
● Cross-connect in outdoor termination box
● Distribution connection in central office ODF (optical distribution frame)
● Fiber patch panels within communications frames
● Links between internet electronic equipment (SFP module, switch, OLT, ONU etc.), Cable TV optical equipment (Transmitter, EDFA, Node, etc.) and fiber patch panels
● Fiber optic sensors
● Fiber optic test equipment





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