OPBC00003-M20 – Visual Fault Locator 20mW

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Visual Fault Locator 20mW
The Visual Fault Locator is widely used on fiber optic communication and maintenance, fiber sensing research, fiber transmitter setup, fiber product installation etc.

Fiber Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is also known as a Fiber Optic Cable Tester Meter, Red Light Pen Tester, Fiber Network Cable Test Kit or a Fiber Light Source Tester.

Its red light source which uses high quality 650nm semiconductor laser as a light emitting device, through the constant current drive, transmit the red light which power is stable. After connecting with optical interface, the red light can enter into the multimode and single mode fiber, achieve detecting function of optical fiber fault.

This visual fault locator can easily and accurately detect and locate fiber optic breaks, poor connections, bending or cracking. It can operate either in CW or Pulsed mode. VFL will emit a 650nm red light for fiber tracing and locating, breaks or faults will refract the light in the fiber.

Small size and lightweight, pen-type design with pouch make it portable, easy to check fiber faults with visual fault locator, design with a stainless steel head and aluminum body to prevent crash and dust, the case ground design prevents ESD damage efficiently.

● LD Red light emitter source
● Pulsed and Continuous Steady operation modes (CW & MOD work mode, Transmitting continuous light or 2Hz modulated light)
● Universal 2.5mm adapter for easy connection to SC, ST, FC, LC connectors (LC needs an adapter interface which is not included)
● 0dBm output power, compatible with single-mode and multi-mode fibres
● Stable output frequency
● Strong & durable Aviation Aluminum casing
● Pen type design, portable and easy to use
● Quickly illuminate fiber breaks, damaged connectors on patch cords
● Dust Cap prevents the fiber connector from pollution
● The hanging rope makes it easy to hang up
● Carrying case for storage (included)

● Output Power: 20mW (distance 17~20km SM)
● Wavelength: 650nm±20nm
● Emitter Type: FP LD
● Optical Connector: 2.5mm
● Optic Fiber Category: Singlemode fiber (SM) or Multimode fiber (MM)
● Casing Material: Aviation Aluminum
● Power Supply: 2pcs 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries (not included)
● Operating Temperature (◦C): 0~+60
● Storage Temperature (◦C): -20~+70


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