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OPBC00004 – FC/UPC to LC/UPC Adapter, Singlemode 9/125 Male to Female




FC/UPC to LC/UPC Adapter, Simplex Singlemode 9/125 Male to Female
FC/UPC to LC/UPC Male to Female Hybrid Fiber Adapter Connector for Optical Fiber Cables 
This FC/UPC male to LC/UPC female Singlemode 9/125 Fiber Optic Hybrid Adapter, is a mating sleeve that is designed for connecting together a LC male connector into a FC Female port.

Simply plug to the 2.5mm hole to convert it to a 1.25 hole.

As the popularity of the LC connector grows, so does the need to adapt fiber test equipment to it. If you have fiber test equipment that is not compatible with LC, this hybrid adapter is your answer. On one end is an FC plug, and on the other an LC jack. This is an inexpensive way to adapt Visual Fault Locators, Optical Power Meters, OTDRs, and other test equipment to the LC connector.

● FC/UPC-LC/UPC 2.5mm to 1.25 adapter for visual fault locator
● It fits all 2.5mm size holes, it means fits all manufacturers
● Insertion Loss: 0.2dB
● Mating Durability: >1000
● Receptacle Retention force : 1N~2.5N
● Sleeve material: Ceramic + Metal
● Used for Simplex Singlemode connectors

● Connector One: FC Plug
● Connector Two: LC Jack
● 1310nm Insertion Loss: < 0.2dB
● 1550nm Insertion Loss: < 0.2dB
● 1310nm Return Loss: > 45dB
● 1550nm Return Loss: > 45dB


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