HDMI input/output encoder – modulator to DVB-T (MPEG4)



HD DVB-T TV modulator with HDMI loop through
● Stand alone modulator HDMI to DVB-T modulator
● Modulating from HDMI source into COFDM modulated DVB-T RF channel

The MHD002P is a high quality DVB-T “Home” modulator which accepts one HDMI signal and converts it into one RF DVB-T H.264 channel on its output. The excellent picture (Full HD 1920*1080-30p) and modulation quality (MER~32 dB) renders the MHD002P the ideal solution for distributing HD TV signals coming from e.g. a STB or CCTV in a CATV network using the DVB-T technology.

The MHD002P modulator is a multifunctional device that encodes and modulates input HDMI signals with a Full HD resolution (1920×1080-30p) into the DVB-T COFDM RF channel. The modulator has an HDMI input, an RF input (for an optional RF loop), an RF output, a 12 VDC input (a DC jack inside an F-like socket – the device cannot be powered via a coaxial cable), and an HDMI output.

The MHD002P is a single-channel modulator, which means it cooperates with one signal source and generates a single DVB-T multiplex with one channel. With the RF channel selection and RF loop, the multiplex can be easily combined with existing channels in the antenna system.

If you already have a Standard Definition RF distribution system but your source device is in High-Definition, just swap your existing RF modulator to this and watch in High-Definition 1080p Full HD on a DVB-T compatible TV. The cabling is exactly the same. *please note, TV must be 1080p Full HD or 4K UHD (HD Ready models are not compatible).

The MHD002P also has an HDMI Loop-through to split the video to a local TV, saving on the cost and space of a 2-way HDMI Splitter.

The source signal may come from a variety of devices: a multimedia player, DVR or Blu-ray player, PC, STB etc. The modulator can distribute high-quality content in the form of a DVB-T multiplex via typical RF coaxial cables used in antenna and CCTV systems.

This feature makes it a good alternative to the distribution of an HDMI signal with the use of HDMI splitters, extenders and cables.

TERRA’s digital modulators, MHD001P and MHD002P, can be configured via Google Chrome (for Android and Windows), as well as through the WebBLE GreenParkSoftware app (for iOS, paid). Devices (such as smartphones, tablets, laptops) are paired and connected with the modulator wirelessly. To enable wireless communication, press and hold the “+” and “-” buttons as you plug in the PSU to a 230 VAC network power source until the green LED begins to flash. Then open Google Chrome and type in the following address:

Main Features:
● One-channel digital DVB-T modulator
● High quality and performance HDMI – DVB-T stand-alone modulator
● Conversion of one HDMI signal into a digital RF multiplex
● HDMI input and HDMI output
● RF input and RF output
● Modulates in VHF (174-230 MHz) and UHF (470-862 MHz) ranges
● Data stream: 18…20 Mbps
● RF output level 90 dBμV
● Adjustable RF output level
● Ideal for applications in (S)MATV systems, in hotels, electronics stores, shopping centers, pubs, betting shops, stock exchange centers, etc.
● Simple installation, intuitive configuration with the use of physical buttons or via Google Chrome (Android) or WebBLE GreenParkSoftware (iOS app, paid)
● LED display and push buttons control of internal microprocessor
● Die-cast housing inside plastic case
● Wall mounting
● External power supply
● Digital input/output – HDMI
● RF input/output – type F
● DC entry – 3.5/1.3 mm DC jack

Technical Features:
HDMI video input / output resolution up to 1920x1080x60p
H.264 Encoder input signal type HDMI
video coding standard MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Baseline profile 4.0
video output resolution up to 1920x1080x30p
audio-video data stream 18…20 Mbps
audio encoding standard MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC
Transport stream processing automatic generation PAT, SDT, PMTs tables
RF output DVB standard DVB-T COFDM
FFT mode 2K/8K
frequency range 174-230 MHz, 470-862 MHz
MER, typical 32 dB
modulation QAM64
channel bandwidth 7 MHz / 8 MHz
shoulder attenuation > 36 dB
level/impedance 60~90 dBμV/75 Ω
output level adjustment 0 ~ -30 dB by 1 dB step
loop through frequency range/loss 45-862 MHz / ≤ 2.5 dB
Power consumption 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz 4.4 W
Operating temperature 0° C ~ +40° C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 133x63x39 mm/0.34 kg

Default Settings:
1. Output channel 21
2. Protection from unauthorized access OFF (Preset oF)
3. Service name MHD002 CH_21 (Preset 00)
4. Output signal attenuator 15 dB (Preset I5)
5. Output signal ON (Preset on)
6. Region Europe (Preset EU)

NOTE: Do not connect TV antennas to modulator RF IN connector directly. If you intend to combine TV signals of antennas and the modulator, plug in booster with output-to-input isolation ≥20 dB between antenna output and RF IN connector.

Package Contents: 
1. Encoder-modulator
2. DC power supply adapter
3. Load 75 Ω, type F
4. External mains power supply +12V 1A max. (Model: SYS1381-1212-W2E)
5. User manual






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