PC102W – 5 cable dSCR system, dSCR multiswitch programmer




5 cable dSCR system, dSCR multiswitch programmer

The multiswitch programmer PC102W allows to set the required operation mode of the multiswitches. Intuitive graphic user interface helping to change parameters of the multiswitch: frequency plan, bandwith of user bands, output level of the carrier and etc.
The remote Wi-Fi access allows to modify parameters from any mobile devices using Web browser.

The PC102W – single cable multiswich programmer is usefull instrument while configuring and troubleshooting SAT IF distribution system built on dSCR multiswitches based on new digital channel stacking components. The application software “dSCRmaster” for Windows operating system PCs allows simply change parameters of the multiswitch: operating mode (static or dynamic), frequency plan for static mode, frequency and bandwidth of user bands for dynamic mode, output power level of each user band carrier and etc. Service mode of the multiswitch could be switched on for quick finding the problem during installation work. In an internal memory four different configuration files can be stored (prepared on the PC) and send to the multiswitch by pressing dedicated buttons on the PC102W. The programmer can feed DC power for the multiswitch using the external AC/DC power adapter and allows parallel connection to a PC over USB cable. The remote Wi-Fi access allows to modify parameters of dSCR multiswitch from any device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC) using web browser. The PC102W, wirelessly connected to the Wi-Fi access point, can be used for remote control and monitoring of the multiswitch. The programmer is supplied with an external AC/DC adapter and a USB cable. An application SW “dSCRmaster” is available from the Web.

• Store and upload up to 4 users selectable configurations
• No PC required for configuration uploading
• LED status indicator
• Free PC application SW for creating new configurations
• Web & remote control through Wi-Fi access
• Die-cast housing inside plastic case
• Connectors:
─ RF ports & DC input – type F
─ PC connection – micro USB

Technical specifications:
• Frequency range: DC+22 kHz, 47-2400 MHz
• RF through loss: < 1.5 dB
• Multiswitch powering/control: 14/18 V & 600 mA max. EN50494/EN50607/DiSEqC 2.0
• Supply voltage: 18 – 20 V
• Current consumption: 5V 200mA (from USB port), 20V 50mA (from mains adapter without other external feeding)
• Operating temperature range: 0o ÷ + 50o C
• Dimensions/Weight (packed): 133x73x39 mm/0.36 kg







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