LCUF-LCUF – LC/UPC to LC/UPC DX SM Coupler with Flange, Blue




LC/UPC to LC/UPC DX SM Coupler with Flange, Blue
LC/UPC to LC/UPC Blue Adapter with Flange, Duplex Singlemode 9/125μm Female to Female Fiber Optic Coupler

Fiber optic adapters (also called couplers) are designed to connect two fiber optic cables together. They come in versions to connect single fibers together (simplex), two fibers together (duplex), or sometimes four fibers together (quad).

This LC/UPC female to LC/UPC female Singlemode 9/125μm Fiber Optic Plastic Adapter with SC Footprint, is a mating sleeve that is designed for connecting together LC male connectors when we need to connect together fiber optic cables with this type of connectors.

LC/UPC To LC/UPC Adapter Singlemode Duplex OS2 Fiber Optic Coupler with Flange Female to Female, low 0.2dB insertion loss, high-precision zirconia ceramic sleeve ensure stable optical performance. Fiber optic adapter, sometimes also called coupler, is a small device designed to terminate or link the fiber optic cables or fiber optic connectors between two fiber optic lines. By linking two connectors precisely, fiber optic adapters allow the light sources to be transmitted at most and lower the loss as much as possible. At the same time, fiber optic adapters have the merits of low insertion loss, good interchangeability and reproducibility. it is widely applied in cable television network, LAN & WAN, fiber optic access network and video transmission.

The fiber optic adapter or coupler is designed to mate two ends of the fiber optic cable with high precision. The adapter uses a simple design: the ends of two separate fiber optic cables with fiber optic connectors fit into two slots opposite each other. The slots are designed to precisely align the two ends so that there is minimal to signal loss. It provides a great solution to meet the growing demand for small form factor, high-density fiber optic connectivity.

This LC Duplex Adapter allows you to patch together LC connectors or LC fiber patch cables quickly. The LC coupler is particularly suitable to connect two duplex LCs for a fast, precisely, quality field connection. The LC UPC adapters feature zirconia ceramic alignment sleeves which provide precision mating for singlemode applications.

By linking two connectors precisely, fiber optic adapters allow the light sources to be transmitted at most and lower the loss as much as possible. At the same time, fiber optic adapters have the merits of low insertion loss, good interchangeability and is Widely applied in cable television network, LAN & WAN, fiber optic access network and video transmission.

It is used to patch connect two dublex fiber optic cables with UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) LC (Lucent Connector) connectors. It can be used with fiber optic patch cords, which send high-speed data through a network. The adapter is a part of optical path, it guarantees stability of transmission parameters, and high quality ceramic ferrule, that is polished at a 0-degree angle (in fact it has a slightly curves end face so that the fiber cores make contact first), assures lower return loss. Openable clips ensure easy assembly and disassembly. Cable Duplex which has application in this adapter, is used in cable ducts, cubicles and pipes with low mechanical pressure.

Additional useful information:
Adapters are designed for multimode or singlemode cables. The singlemode adapters offer more precise alignment of the tips of the connectors (ferrules). It is ok to use singlemode adapters to connect multimode cables, but you should not use multimode adapters to connect singlemode cables. This can cause misalignment of the small singlemode fibers and loss of signal strength (attenuation).
When connecting two multimode fibers, you should always make sure they are the same core diameter (50/125 or 62.5/125). A mismatch here will cause attenuation in one direction (where the larger fiber is transmitting light into the smaller fiber).
Fiber optic adapters are typically connecting cables with similar connectors (SC to SC, LC to LC, etc.). Some adapters, called “hybrid”, accept different types of connectors (ST to SC, LC to SC, etc.). When the connectors have differing ferrule sizes (1.25mm to 2.5mm), as found in LC to SC adapters, the adapters are significantly more expensive because of a more complicated design/manufacturing process.
Most adapters are female on both ends, to connect two cables. Some are male-female, which typically plug into a port on a piece of equipment. This then allows the port to accept a different connector than for which it was originally designed. We discourage this use because we find the adapter extending from the equipment is subject to being bumped and breaking. Also, if not properly routed, the weight of the cable and connector hanging from the adapter may cause some misalignment and a degraded signal.


LC/UPC to LC/UPC DX SM Coupler

Extending Fiber Connection with Adapters
With high-precision components and tool-less design, the adapters allow two devices to communicate from a distance through a direct connection with the fiber optic line
Dust Cap
Prevents the adapter from dust and protects from debris
Stainless Steel Clip
Allow for easy snap-in installation without tools
Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve
Low insertion loss with high-precision alignment
Color-coded Adapters Simplify Fiber Management
The adapter housing colors follow the TIA/EIA-568-C.3 suggested color identification scheme, effectively helping technicians make better cable management and reduce human errors. They come is 5 color options to indicate the fiber type as following: Single Mode adapters come in Blue for UPC or Green for APC and Multi Mode adapters come in Beige for OM1/OM2, Aqua for OM3 and Violet for OM4.
*Note: Adapters may be specially ordered in other colors depending on the color management needed, e.g. all adapters used might be LC/APC but ordered in different colors for better management.
● LC/UPC-LC/UPC 1.25 Duplex unibody adapter polished type
● Used with Duplex Singlemode connectors
● Mounting Type: Full Flanged
● Footprint: SC Simplex / LC Duplex
● 4pcs Protective Design Dust Caps: Prevents the adapter from dust and keeps it clean
● Stainless Steel Clips: Allow for easy snap-in installation without tools
● Color Coded (Blue) for Rapid Fiber Management
● Body Style: Duplex
● Connector One Type: LC Jack
● Connector Two Type: LC Jack
● 1310nm Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.2dB
● 1550nm Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.2dB
● Interchangeability: ≤ 0.2dB
● Repeatability: ≤ 0.2dB
● Return Loss: > 50dB
● Mechanical Durability: ≥ 1000 mating cycles
● The alignment sleeves are made of zirconia ceramic
● Ferrule material: ceramic
● Operation temperature: -25~+70°C
● Storage temperature: -40~+85°C
● Fast and easy connection
● Lightweight and durable plastic housing
● Low insertion loss with high-precision alignment
● High reliability and durability
● High precision mechanical dimensions
● Materials compliant to RoHS

The advantage of LC connector is little dimensions so it allows for very high packing density and make it attractive for use in data centers and Central Offices. The connector is fitted with a locking latch retention mechanism, which protects connector from accidental pulling off. LC connector is also used in LAN, WAN and LTTD networks, on railway, telecommunications network, Cable Television and measuring techniques.

LC connectors are mostly used in telecommunication. It is also used in active equipment such as video converters and media. It ensures easy, quick connection and it is resistant for connection defects. The shape of connector assures easy and stable assembly.

● Telecommunication Networks
● Local Area Networks (LANs)
● Communication System
● Premise Installations
● Wide Area Networks (WANs)
● Network monitoring points
● Connections between patch cords, patch pannels
● FTTX, ODF (optical distribution frame)
● Connections Between Devices
● Data centres
● Gigabit ethernet
● Video
● Active device/Transceiver interface
● Multimedia
● Metro networks
● Industrial and military
● Mounting on to distribution boxes or wall sockets



LC/UPC to LC/UPC DX SM Coupler






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